Crime Scene Evidence Photo Markers

These durable photo markers are used to clearly identify photographs of evidence. The yellow plastic markers have a matte finish, come with either numbers or letters, and measure 7?? H x 4?? W.

PHOEVI/A-Z                                                                                                      Photo Markers, letters A-Z

PHOEVI/1-15                                                                                               Photo Markers, numbers 1-15

PHOEVI/1-50                                                                                               Photo Markers, numbers 1-50

PHOEVI/51-99                                                                                          Photo Markers, numbers 51-99

Crime Scene Evidence Photo Direction Indicators

These indicators are used in conjunction with either numbered or lettered photo markers to call attention to something in the photograph or the orientation of the photograph. All five indicators are 7?? H x 4?? W.

PHOEVI/UP                                                                                                            Photo Marker, up arrow

PHOEVI/DN                                                                                                       Photo Marker, down arrow

PHOEVI/LR                                                                                                  Photo Marker, left/right arrow

PHOEVI/NO                                                                                                   Photo Marker, north indicator

Crime Scene Evidence Marking Flags

These bright yellow and pink flags are just the thing for marking evidence found in a search area. Once flagged, photographs can be taken and the evidence collected. These flags are used for outside crime scenes and the 21? wire staff is easily pushed into mud, sand, dirt, grass and snow. Yellow flags are printed ?EVIDENCE - Do Not Touch,? pink flags are unprinted.

FLAG-YEVID                                                                                                            Yellow Flags, 100/case

FLAG-P                                                                                                                        Pink Flags, 100/case

Crime Scene Cones

These bright orange crime scene cones are packaged 8 per case and come in 6? and 12? sizes. Heavy bases prevent these cones from blowing over in high winds. Cones are numbered 1-8 and 9-16.

BARCONE6/1-8                                                                                                        6" Cone Numbers 1-8

BARCONE6/9-16                                                                                                    6" Cone Numbers 9-16

BARCONE12/1-8                                                                                                    12" Cone Numbers 1-8

BARCONE12/9-16                                                                                                12" Cone Numbers 9-16

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